One School.
One community.
Infinite Possibilities.

Our Mission

The Mission of Infinity High School is to develop 21st-century innovators by providing a safe, supportive, and challenging learning community.

Our Vision

Prepared by the Infinity experience, students are empowered to:

Become active and socially responsible leaders

Excel in post-secondary endeavors

Navigate the evolving fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Insights From Our Teaching Team

Jacob Weatherred

Mr. Weatherred

Social Science

“We are dedicated to supporting our students in achieving their goals and aspirations. We have students who are the first person in their family to graduate from high school or attend college. By providing personalized guidance, mentorship programs, and college preparation resources, we empower them to navigate their educational journey with confidence and reach the destinations they dream of.”

Katherine Watts

Ms. Watts

English, Debate

“Our administration places great trust in our expertise and empowers us with autonomy in curriculum planning and resource selection. This enables us to personalize the learning experience, connect with our students in a meaningful way, and ensure we provide the best materials tailored to their needs.”

Roger Dausman

Mr. Dausman


“At Infinity we want to instill in our students a curiosity for learning, encouraging them to explore and discover on their own. We want them to develop the skills of research, critical thinking, and questioning. Ultimately, our goal is to empower them with a sense of ownership over their own learning journey.”

Margarita Macias

Ms. Macias


“This was my first year here and what I've experienced with other staff members is amazing. I really appreciate their insights and support. I appreciate what they can offer to teach. I'm always open ears.”

Sarah Dickinson Coogan

Ms. Coogan


“I just can't imagine teaching anywhere else at this point because I just know that there's something unique about Infinity that I wouldn't experience anywhere else.”

Vanessa Ayala

Ms. Ayala

Diverse Learner Teacher

“Our teachers work to provide different opportunities for students.  If you come after school hours, you will see teachers here late working on their lesson plans, trying to make sure that the work is relevant to students' lives.”

Meet Our Team

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