Igniting Curiosity Fostering Excellence

Academic Excellence:

STEM Infused Learning

At Infinity, our passion for STEM fuels our commitment to academic excellence. While STEM is at the heart of our curriculum, we also prioritize excellence in English, history, and other core subjects. Our dedicated teachers create engaging and challenging curricula, fostering immersive, real-world experiences that develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills in a project-based learning atmosphere across disciplines.

Our Departments

Computer Science Department

Counseling Department

Diverse Learner's Department

English Department

Fine Arts Department

Mathematics Department

Science Department

Social Studies Department

World Language Department

Kyle Birch

“Our students are learning by doing rather than simply memorizing information.”

–Mr. Birch, STEM Integration Specialist


Supporting the Whole Child

At Infinity, we embrace holistic education, nurturing the whole child through STEM-focused learning as well as social-emotional development, physical well-being, and creative expression. By fostering well-rounded individuals, we equip our students with the skills to excel in all areas of life.


Small School Advantage

We believe that education is not just about numbers and grades, but also relationships and personal growth. And we are proud to be a school where students can build powerful relationships with teachers and staff, and receive the personalized support and guidance they need to succeed.

Diverse Learners

Our Diverse Learners program stands out for its commitment to embracing and celebrating each student's unique talents. We recognize that every learner has their distinct learning style and pace, and our highly trained and compassionate educators are skilled in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of every student.


Post-secondary Support:

Empower Your Journey

Infinity students have the opportunity to take AP & Dual Enrollment classes and earn an associate's degree before they graduate high school! They will also learn how to navigate the college application process while exploring additional options for a successful post-secondary life.

Ignite Your Future

CTE Certifications

IT Program

Web Design


City Colleges

Pathways to Associates Degrees





Building Bridges:

From School to Work

Through our valued collaboration with Bridges from School to Work, a renowned non-profit organization, we offer a comprehensive transition support program known as “ Job Club”.

The Job Club specifically caters to students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans.

With a dedicated Bridges representative, students are guided through job training, resume development, mock interviews, and even accompanies them to actual interviews.

Our aim is to empower students, ensuring they gain essential skills and secure employment opportunities before graduating.

Kerrie Treacy

“At Infinity, we believe in having open and realistic conversations with our diverse learner students. Instead of pushing them towards a specific educational track, we provide them with valuable information and engage in discussions about finding the best fit for their unique skills and aspirations.”

Mrs. Treacy, Diverse Learners

Student Clubs

Something for Everyone

Victor Yu

“We offer a wide range of student clubs and activities and are open to more - if we don’t already have it we will start something new.”

Mr. Yu, Engineering, Computer Science

Academic Decathlon

Nancy Andrade
[email protected]

Debate Team

Katherine Watts
[email protected]

Design Club

Engineering Club

Game Club

Todd Boatman
[email protected]

Girls Who Code

Tammy Pheuphong
[email protected]


Movie Club

Student Voice Committee

Grant Petersen
[email protected]

World Travel:

The Ultimate Educational Adventure

Our travel program is a great opportunity for students to explore the world and learn about different cultures. Our previous destinations have included Spain, Greece, Paris, and Italy! This program is open to students of every grade level and their parents, so whether you're a freshman or a senior, you can join us on this exciting journey. 


Tight-knit Community:

From Friends to Family

At Infinity, we are proud of our students' tight-knit community, where generosity, respect, and inclusivity flourish. Together, we create a inclusive, and uplifting atmosphere that makes our school a place where students not only grow academically but also develop lifelong friendships and meaningful connections.

Beatrize Santin

“Watching students arriving and witnessing parents entrust their children to us as a school speaks volumes, it makes us feel really good, and we don't take it for granted.”

– Ms. Santin, Infinity Teacher

All About Us

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